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IC History
nccouncil wrote in norcon
Below, please find a high-level summary of the game's IC history.

Events prior to day 1, month 6, turn 17 of the 10th interval IC, August 8, 2008 OOC, took place on PernMUSH and/or TooMUSH during PernMUSH's downtimes. As of this IC date and OOC date, NorConMUSH officially split off as a separate game with a separate timeline from PernMUSH. The timeline up to that point was the same, barring any re-writes that individual players undertook at the time of the split to bring their characters over.

Please see High Reaches' Plot Wiki, Fort's Plot Page or Ista's Wiki for more details about past and current plots for those areas on NorConMUSH. Also check out +timeline on game.

Turn 17
Early in month 6, a large contingent of riders from Telgar transfers to Fort Weyr to help bolster gaps in the wings, even for an interval as a result of high losses during the Comet Pass.

Goldrider Tiriana transfers from Telgar Weyr to High Reaches Weyr.

At midsummer, a large gather is held at Benden Hold. Mostly, it's all in good fun, but there's some tense subtext here and there between various parties.

Month 9, Edeline of Tillek comes to the Weyr in an attempt to drum up support for her claim to the Ladyship of Tillek Hold.

On the last day of month 9, during Tillek's BrewFest, Lord Tillek has an unfortunate accident.

At Fort, Berit's Zibeth rises in early month 10 and is caught by R'uen's Zaiventh, making the teenage girl Weyrwoman and the former Telgar rider the new Weyrleader.

Throughout the remainder of the turn, rumblings about the succession at Tillek Hold keep things uneasy in the general Reaches coverage area.

Turn 18

At Fort, Berit steps down due to a difficult pregnancy. Junior Cirse steps up.

Month 5, Edeline of Tillek self-arranges her marriage to Potipher and she and her husband are confirmed as Lord and Lady Tillek before the end of the summer.

Autumn at Fort sees problems with the tithes being short on all textiles but woolens due to a massive crop failure of cotton and sisal in the region.

On the 18th of month 11, Satiet, Weyrwoman at the High Reaches is diagnosed with liver failure.

On the 20th of month 11, Cirse's Peirith rises at Fort to be caught by R'uen's Zaiventh. The Acting Weyrwoman is confirmed in her position and R'uen remains Weyrleader.

Month 13, Lord Crom's niece Yuliye arrives as emissary to High Reaches Weyr.

Turn 19
On the 20th day of month 2, Peirith and Zaiventh's clutch hatches at Fort Weyr. At the hatching, High Reaches' Weyrleaders pay their respects, but something is not right with Satiet.

On the 13th day of month 4, after a long illness, Satiet, Weyrwoman of the High Reaches goes Between with her gold, Teonath. The Reaches mourns.

At Fort, it's found that Fort Sea was hanging on to portions of the fabric tithe and selling it for a profit. Fort Hold intervenes along with the Weyr and Fort Sea is forced to make restitution.

On the 11th day of month 6, Iovniath rises at High Reaches and makes Tiriana the new Weyrwoman and K'del, bronze Cadejoth's, one of the youngest Weyrleaders in history at the tender age of seventeen and on his birthday no less.

Month 7, Lord Crom's niece, Yuliye makes an offer to Weyrleader K'del about some land from Crom.

Weyrlings B'kaiv of green Chielyth and Y'nolek of bronze Agrith drop dung on Fort Sea in retaliation for the held tithe and wingleader T'rev's ledge out of vague anger. Holder Rivellan of Fort Sea is not amused.

B'kaiv confesses to the incident and takes the rap for Y'nolek. He's sentenced to remaining a weyrling, restricted to the Weyr and the barracks.

Autumn, thieves raid the tithe trains headed for High Reaches Weyr.

Autumn, booze shortages and other issues arise from the raids on the tithes at High Reaches Weyr.

On day 7, month 10, the Weyrleaders of High Reaches argue about what to do about the problems with the tithe raiders.

On day 10, month 10, K'del and A'son talk through plans to defeat the tithe thieves.

On day 25, month 10, A'son and Leova along with others from the Reaches stage a counter-raid on the thieves. A prisoner is taken.

On day 28, month 10, Skinner strikes a deal with Fayre to open a trader's market at Ista.

Late autumn, a new bar is under construction at Ista Weyr, owned by a red head named June.

Month 11, negotiations take place and the prisoner is released at High Reaches Weyr.

Month 11, The Lucky Seven opens at Ista Weyr. It's a bar and gambling hall and the services of certain ladies may also be purchased therein.

Month 13, Rajiv, family head of the Vijay trader clan is hung for the raids. Chedayi, who was formerly blamed for stealing at High Reaches Weyr when the traders used the Weyr as a base of operations, is cleared of wrong-doing and set free of Crom's mines.

On Turnover eve, counterfeit turns up at Fort Hold's gather.

Turn 20
On day 1, month 1, Skinner and Loe finally reach an agreement about the market.

On day 18 of month 3, Cirse's Peirith rises again and R'uen's Zaiventh does not give chase. The flight is won by Mecaith, making T'rev Fort's new Weyrleader.

Y'nolek confesses his role in dropping the dung on Fort Sea. B'kaiv's remaining sentence is commuted and Y'nolek is sentenced to the same and held back from being tapped.

On day 9 of month 4, counterfeit turns up at Fort's spring gather again.

On day 27 of month 4, Fort's new Weyrleader asks bronzerider W'ton and brownrider Rhodya to look into the fake marks problem.

During the summer and fall, the wings at Fort are reworked to support an arrangement more conducive to the Interval though this causes some tension between riders and some muttering about the new Weyrleader.

Summer, a black market arises at Ista. Various shady dealings take place including some brawling and attempted scaring off of black market agents.

On day 10 of month 9, K'aus, rider of brown Ehrudith gets into some trouble for harrassing black market agents.

On day 22 of month 9, K'del of the Reaches and T'rev of Fort talk about politics and how to re-tool the Weyrs for life in the interval. Weyr games, transports, search and rescue and farming are discussed.

(Not Public Knowledge) Autumn, B'kaiv, greenrider at Fort Weyr signs up as a guard at Fort Sea to spy. A large volume of fabric is observed coming into the hold along with fake marks and a lot of ships from Gar. He and the Weyrleader stage a fist-fight in which T'rev's ribs are broken to serve as a cover story for the greenrider's absence from the Weyr as he's grounded in his Weyr for the incident.

(Not Public Knowledge) Month 10, Holder Rivellan, unbeknownst to just about everyone, instructs his daughter Jiella to seduce Fort's Weyrleader so that he can blackmail the Weyrleader into doing what he wants.

On day 14 of month 10, Gar's trading fair is disrupted by the discovery of counterfeit.

On day 25 of month 10, Hattie's Elaruth rises at Fort Weyr and is caught by D'kai's bronze Mikhuth.

Autumn/Winter, several Bloods from the Fort region are searched for Mikhuth and Elaruth's clutch causing a formal complaint to be levied against the Weyr.

Autumn/Winter, raiding of ships in the Fort region begins, tapering off when the weather grows poor.

Month 12, B'kaiv undercover at Gar discovers a supply depot on the Gar coast that may be the soruce of the counterfeit.

Month 12, Ista opens a new pavilion and holds a party to celebrate.

Month 12, At Fort Weyr Jiella attempts to draw the Weyrleader into a liaison.

On day 18 of month 13, the supply depot near Gar is raided by Fort Hold guards and riders from the Weyr. Several persons of interest are caught, the counterfeit machine is discovered as well as strong ties to Gar Hold.

Winter, suspicions are targeted on Atreyan and Isobel of Gar as candidates at the Weyr.

Winter, Nakasha, sister of the Reaches' Weyrleader K'del is found to be pregnant and asked to leave candidacy.

Turn 21
On day 14 of turn 1, Elaruth and Mikhuth's eggs hatch at Fort Weyr just as a 2-day blizzard howls down onto the Weyr. Holders Rivellan of Fort Sea and Trevor of Gar are extremely displeased by the hatching results, including the impression of Rivellan's daughter Jiella to an less-than-desirable brown.

Month 2, The Crom Farmland deal starts to move forward at the Reaches. Equipment and seed are purchased and plans made to actually plow and sow.

Month 2, B'kaiv and T'rev discuss ideas for making dragonriders less 'useless' during an interval by taking on transport work.

On day 3 of month 3, the Weyrleaders of Fort have a disagreement about propriety and T'rev's various less-than-appropriate actions, especially towards Fort's junior, Hattie. The Weyrleader is banned from the Records Room.

On day 18 of month 3 Reaches' riders and residents start to clear the land from Crom in preparation for planting. Unfortunately, the neighboring holder's pigs get loose and there's problems about a broken wall.

Month 3, back and forth about the rocks in the Crom field goes on with the Reaches wanting to keep some of the rocks for the valuable minerals and ores inside them.

Spring, an apology from the Weyrleader eases tensions between T'rev and Cirse somewhat but all is definitely as hunky dory as it once was at the top at Fort Weyr.

Spring, storms in the bay between Fort and Ista lead to the death of a weyrling at Ista Weyr and two ships being lost from the Fort region.

Late spring, turn 21: Fayre steps down from Ista due to extenuating family circumstances. She transfers to Monaco, Nenita steps up. An'dren remains as Weyrleader.

Spring, the crew of one of the missing ships is recovered drifting in rescue boats. The other continues missing for some time until two bodies wash up in different locations with injuries that point to a possible mutiny, or a raid.

Spring, raids on boats and traders in the Fort region pick up again with the better weather. The Weyr tries to cover all routes with extra sweeps riders but is unable to prevent all raids.

On day 20 of month 4, bodies are found buried in the field the Reaches has been preparing to plant at Crom.

On day 13 of month 5, Lord Aughan of Crom calls off the land deal with High Reaches Weyr due to the land being used prior as a burial grounds.

On day 28 of month 5, Esraval, Steward of Fort Hold proposes to Isobel of Hold Gar, informally. A seven later, his formal proposal is made to her father. An offer for Isobel's hand is also received from Lord Boll's grandson Kezend.

Late Spring, turn 21: Nenita approaches Ch'son about finding a link to the raiders so Ista can do some backdoor dealing.

On day 6 of month 6, K'ndro tells K'del some of the extent of Crom's treachery involving the land deal.

Day 12, Month 6, Turn 21: Ch'son makes contact with a Fortian crew offloading some wares at out-of-the-way Istan dock. A message about possible negotiations is sent up the line.

Autumn, Turn 21
Day 1, Month 10: Esraval, Steward of Fort and Isobel of Gar are married.

Day 4, Month 11: Vanissa, Liath's weyrling at Fort Weyr and the Weyrleader's sister is kidnapped and held for ransom by the raiders.

Day 25, Month 11: As the raiders' ransom deadline comes up due, Vanissa is rescued and returned to the Weyr by a party including M'try, also a weyrling. Not publicly known: her rescue was enabled by greenrider B'kaiv's undercover spot with the raiders.


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