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About NorConMUSH
Pern, the third planet from the star Rukbat, was colonized by settlers from a far-future Earth seeking a less technologically-dependent existence. The ideals of the colonists were upset by the coming of Thread, a mindless space organism that eats everything it touches that isn't metal, stone or water.

Currently set on Pern's northern continent in the Tenth Interval, NorConMush explores the shifting relationships between Hold, Halls and Weyrs in a time without Thread and the fallout from a recent Comet Pass, an unexpected return of Thread ten turns into what was expected to be 200 turns of Threadfree skies. Our timeline originally picked up from the end of "The White Dragon" where a non-functional AIVAS was discovered and relegated to the dust heap of history. As such the events that took place in "All the Weyrs of Pern" have not occurred and our Pern continues to struggle with the cycle of Passes and Intervals and the push and pull of politics and social change that it entails.

The game has two open areas: Fort Weyr and High Reaches Weyr. To learn more about each area, visit the area's website, by clicking on the links above or to the right.

To join us on the game, use your favorite MUSH client or telnet program and head on over to norcon.genesismuds.com 4210.

All references to worlds and characters based on Anne McCaffrey's fiction are copyright © Anne McCaffrey 1967, 2000, all rights reserved, and used by permission of the author.

Calling All Crafters!

One of the main questions recently voiced during a council meeting is the over-arching "tone" of individual crafts. The GC believes, as a whole, that defining these "tones" would be conducive to furthering symmetry across the game regarding the major crafts. So, without further comment, the crafts in question:

 Healers -

 Harper -

 Weavers -

 Smiths -

 Starcrafts -

 Bakers -

So, what do we need from YOU? Well, first off, all active crafters are encouraged - even solicited! - to please reply to this LJ entry via comment with their input on how they have roleplayed the main Hall as being.

Questions that we're really looking to address are:

Overall internal political tone. Conservative? Do they not like women to be crafters? Do they not EVER allow exceptions to the age limits? Do they expect a very high level of traditional values? Conversely, are they liberal? Do they encourage women to work for Mastery? What about riders - do they like them, or do they scoff at them? How do they feel about weyrs? Is posting a person to the weyr the equivalent of political exile, or is it just another posting to further one's position?

All of these factors add up for the general "tone". Eventually, once we have an accord for each craft, we'll compile that said accord into one "blurb" - a sentence or two, a Mission Statement of sorts! - and post it in the appropriate news files.

So, if you're a crafter, please, please please! share what you have played, at this junction!


Z'yi, on behalf of Council

Log: Game Council Meeting - 3/5/2010
- Logging and posting council meetings.

- Include list of crafts in news files.

- Remove +promote from +jobs - area admins handle craft promotions with courtesy +mail to game council.

- General IC promotion structure for crafts - Most crafts have two exam periods per IC turn and promotions usually follow after the exam period. Most crafts have a combination of practical/written exams. Specifics to be worked out with area admins by crafter players.

- General stance on crafter riders - Crafter riders are allowed, specifics are on a case-by-case basis per area

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Downtime Feb 6 and 7 2010
The game will be undergoing scheduled maintenance from 4pm PT Feb 6 2010 to 4pm PT Feb 7 2010.

Please join us in our refugee room on TooMUSH at too.logrus.com 6660 in room #237 if you'd like to RP or just hang out while we're down.

IC History
Below, please find a high-level summary of the game's IC history.

Events prior to day 1, month 6, turn 17 of the 10th interval IC, August 8, 2008 OOC, took place on PernMUSH and/or TooMUSH during PernMUSH's downtimes. As of this IC date and OOC date, NorConMUSH officially split off as a separate game with a separate timeline from PernMUSH. The timeline up to that point was the same, barring any re-writes that individual players undertook at the time of the split to bring their characters over.

Please see High Reaches' Plot Wiki, Fort's Plot Page or Ista's Wiki for more details about past and current plots for those areas on NorConMUSH. Also check out +timeline on game.

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